Minds in Movement

Prospects for the Study of Embodied Cognition, Learning, and Culture

Researchers in disciplines ranging from anthropology to robotics have long argued that cognition is concretely grounded in bodily sensation and movement. Recently, however, the remarkable success of completely dis-embodied deep learning models (generative AI) in producing human-like linguistic and perceptual behaviour has suggested the need for a re-think. Has embodied cognition run its course or could serious empirical attention to the body and senses in cognitive science still yield concrete insights and applications that foster human health (e.g., therapeutic practices), encourage learning and creativity (e.g., embodied pedagogical practices), and perhaps even help to design better AI?

May 15 - May 17, 2023

hosted by Emory University's

Center for Mind, Brain, and Culture
Dietrich Stout, Director
Robert Liu, Associate Director